Saturday, May 23, 2015

For Android and iOS

Transform your ordinary photographs into fantastical spiraling fractal works of art with PhotoFrac. Easily open pictures from your phone's photo gallery for editing and insertion into fractal patterns. Images within the fractal pattern can be warped into amazing distorted shapes and psychedelic spirals, with breathtaking and often hilarious effect.  Instantly share your creations to Instagram and Facebook (Android)

This app is free and ad supported.

*4 fractal warping and distortion algorithms
*Edge enhancement
*Choose from 4 different palettes to recolor your image
*Contrast Adjustment
*Share to your social media apps or dropbox or drive (Android)

Please hashtag your creations with #photofrac so we can see what you make!

Upgrade to the ad-free version for more image filtering options.


  1. I got your PhotoFrac app for iPhone. I got to a point where I wanted to save the image but didn't see any way to do it except by pressing the forward arrow. This brought up the save icon but also completely changed the image. I made a screenshot of what I wanted to save but I don't see any way to add it here. I got here by pressing "app support" but I don't see any.

    1. Hi Brian, It sounds like you wanted to save the unwarped image. I hadn't thought of that being an option since the warping was intended to be the main feature so it is not possible at this time. But I will add this feature in the next release. Sorry you weren't able to save your results. Thanks for trying PhotoFrac